6 Natural Perfumes & Colognes That Won’tAffect Your Allergies


Raw Spirit Wild Fire Luxury



Main Accords : Woody                           



                         White Floral

                         Warm Spicy


This unisex fragrance will not only flatter both men and women, but it will also keep your allergies and headaches at bay. With top notes of citrus, grapefruit and Kaffir lime, it also has a rich base of Haitian vetiver and smoky cedarwood for a universally appealing yet distinct scent. Best of all, this all-natural scent is 100% paraben free so you can breathe with ease.







Korres Black Sugar Lily Violet

Main Accords : Sweet





                   White Floral


Korres is a Oriental fragrance for women. Black Sugar Oriental Lily Violet was launched in 2015. The fragrance features brown sugar, asian lily, violet, vanilla and caramel. This woodsy-citrus fragrance is 88% all-natural and is free of harmful parabens and sulfates, that are known to be topical irritants and have been associated with respiratory allergy symptoms. The complex scent profile is unique and layered — but not overbearing.




Olivina Men Bourbon Cedar

Main Accords : Whiskey




                        Fresh Spicy


OLIVINA MEN Natural Fragrance Cologne - Bourbon CedarOur Bourbon Cedar Cologne is a natural essential oil-based fragrance. It's a sophisticated blend inspired by the wood-aging tradition of American distilleries. Natural colognes like Bourbon Cedar are more subtle than their synthetic counterparts. This makes for an intimate experience.

Natural colognes like Bourbon Cedar are more subtle than their synthetic counterparts. This makes for an intimate experience. As Bourbon Cedar matures, a highly spirited top note makes way for a rich red cedar with a smoky vanilla finish. When blended with the wearer's natural chemistry, Bourbon Cedar is unique to every man." - a note from the brand.






Lavanila The Healthy Fragrance

Main Accords: Vanilla






This all-natural vanilla scented fragrance range comes in a range of classic fragrances, including Vanilla Grapefruit and Fresh Vanilla Lemon, to meet the needs of every fragrance lover. All natural fragrances are blended with pure Madagascar vanilla and antioxidant goji berry and cockatoo plum to give 30 essential vitamins and minerals.





Mixologie - ASSURED (natural)

This TSA-friendly roller bar perfume exudes a seductive scent featuring notes of patchouli, sandalwood, amber, musk, and vetiver. This alcohol and irritant-free formula is also super long-lasting without smelling overpowering.

Wear it alone or mix it with other Mixologie fragrances to create a custom blend!


  • Alcohol-Free

  • Paraben-Free

  • Phthalate-Free

  • Cruelty-Free





Thierry Mugler Angel

Main Accords: Bergamot

                        Red Berries






                       Sandalwood and Caramel. 

 Indulgent gourmand notes in this multilayered fragrance make it equally sweet and sexy. It is the most polarising perfume I have ever come across; you will either fall in love with it or chuck it out the window before having the longest shower of your life. With Angel, Mugler has created a classic that had never been seen, imagined, or experienced before. Angel is an addictive fragrance with airy fresh facets, delicious mouth-watering aromas and mysterious notes that capture the essence of sensuality. Angel evokes the emotion of joyful memories with a sense of dreamlike infinity.





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