The  Best Car Air Fresheners of 2020 


Anzazo Car Essential Oil Diffuser

 This air freshener relies on essential oils and the pressure of the air conditioning to circulate the fragrance throughout the car. This air freshener clip comes with pads that can be dipped in the essential oil of your choosing and then placed inside the clip. Then, with the help of their air coming through the vents, the essential oils are transformed into air droplets, making it easier for them to move through the car.

  • Can choose your own scent

  • Scent can spread through car

  • Looks good

  • Natural




Ozium Smoke & Odors Eliminator Gel

This is a great little product that does exactly what it says on the label - that is, it eliminates bad odors, especially  from smoking. Marketing a broad range of products from gels, sprays and other forms, Ozium has made a mark in the air freshening and sanitation industry.

  • Ozium Smoke and odors Eliminator Gel 4.5oz original scent

  • Ozium Air Sanitizer Original Scent- kills bacteria and cleans the air.

  • Ozium air sanitizer air freshener- Reduces airborne bacteria and elimination of smoke or malodours

  • Ozium glycolized air freshener and sanitizer

  • Ozium 804282 Outdoor Essence 4.5oz scent gel

  • Ozium Smoke and odor eliminator for car and home sanitation and freshening of air




Moso Natural Air Freshener (4PACK)

This air freshener contains natural Moso bamboo charcoal inside of the pouch. Now, this type of charcoal is actually a lot more porous than the others, which makes it perfect for absorbing different odors. Now, this pouch doesn’t contain any fragrance – instead, it works to remove any bad smelling particles from the air. The pouch is actually quite effective against mold smells as well – this is because it reduces the humidity in the car, preventing the growth of mold or mildew. This is why the surrounding area then smells fresh.

  • Can be placed anywhere

  • Gets rid of mild smells

  • Can be used for a long time

  • Natural




Air Spencer (000400)CS-X3 Squash Scent Air Freshener

The first thing to consider as a traditional air freshener. It does not contain enzymes and does not ion the target mold spores. It will definitely cover the bad odors and bring a nice aroma to your car.




PURGGO Car Air Freshener

You will really enjoy the features of this air freshener. This is because the pouch is filled with natural bamboo charcoal. Coal absorbs the odors in your car and refreshes your air.

However, when the freshener does start working, you can be quite sure that all of the odors will be removed. This includes the smell of pets and smoke. What’s really great about this freshener, though, is how long it lasts. You can expect to use it for at least a year before you will need to replace it. So, you really will be making a wise investment.




Meguiar's G016402 Whole Car Air Refresher

  • PERMANENT ODOR REMOVAL: Permanently eliminates odors on a molecular level. Removes bad smells like cigarette smoke, wet dog, workout gear and more

  • ONE-TIME USE: Simple one-time-use aerosol refreshes every corner of your car’s interior

  • AIR REFRESHER: Aerosol mist moves through the ventilation system, across the headliner and in between all other hard-to-reach areas, eliminating odors and leaving a pleasant scent in its place

  • EASY TO USE: Simply turn the AC on high, hit the recirculate button, activate the Re-Fresher and close the doors for 10-15 minutes. Then open all doors and air out for 10-15 minutes




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