Reviews of the Best Toilet Fresheners


Lysol Click Gel Variety Bundle

Keeping your toilet clean and fresh has never been easier. Simply press the Lysol Click Gel applicator against the inside of your toilet bowl until it clicks, and let Lysol do the cleaning for you. With every flush, this product delivers continuous clean and freshness for up to 1 week.

  • Set Contains 1 Box each of: Ocean Fresh, Citrus & Lavender Scents

  • Helps to keep toilets clean & fresh with every flush

  • Discrete, single use self sticking gels

  • Sanitary application with disposable cartridge

  • Each Gel Last for up to 1 week



Boardwalk CLIPMAN Bowl Clip, Mango Scent

This is an amazing product that you can use in your bathroom. Various options are available so you can choose to buy the number of clips you need. All you have to do is to secure it to the toilet seat and it will eliminate the bad odor after using the bathroom.

This air freshener is unseen and secure. No one can see it unless they lift the seat of the toilet up. Nevertheless, its effect is definitely detectable because your bathroom will always smell fresh and clean. It doesn’t move and is locked in place so every time you use the toilet you know that there will be no bad odors.

  • Unseen and discrete clip.

  • Can be easily secured to the toilet seat.

  • Gradually releases the fresh smell for 30 days.

  • Doesn’t dissolve in water and doesn’t stain the toilet bowl.




Smells Begone Odor Eliminator Gel Beads - Air Freshener- Lavender Vanilla

  • MELLS BEGONE Odor Eliminator Gel Beads will continue to NEUTRALIZE AND ELIMINATE ODORS FOR 60-90 DAYS in up to 450 square feet. Each Gel Bead will leave behind a LIGHT AND PLEASANT FRAGRANCE that is not overpowering.

  • Each Odor Eliminator Gel Bead contains 12 Ounces of product. Our products are all Naturally Derived, Non-Toxic, Non-Allergenic and formulated with our HIGH QUALITY ESSENTIAL OIL BASED FRAGRANCES.

  • Every SMELLS BEGONE Gel Bead is proudly Made in the USA and all of our jars our recyclable.

  • The Gel Beads are SAFE AROUND PETS AND CHILDREN. Simply remove the top label and open the jar to remove the interior liner and screw the cap back on. For MAXIMUM ODOR ELIMINATION place in a well ventilated area.




Mask Toilet Spray, Coconut & Lime, 2-Ounce

(6 Pack)

This is a great option for people who are always on the go. The portable spray bottle will fit in your handbag, backpack or purse so you can always use the toilet with confident. One spray bottle is enough for 560 sprays so a little goes a long way.

For the price you pay, you will receive a pack of 6 bottles that you can take wherever you want to use the bathroom. You can use it anywhere you want to get rid of bad odors like in the bin, laundry room, or in a closed wardrobe so your clothes will always smell fresh.

  • An affordable pack of 6 spray bottles.

  • One bottle is enough for 560 sprays.

  • 6 premium ingredients and natural essential oils.

  • Masks the bad odor and spreads a refreshing smell.

  • Portable bottle that you can take anywhere you want.




MOSO NATURAL Air Purifying Bag 

This product doesn’t contain any artificial fragrances or toxic materials so it is perfectly safe to use around kids and pets. It is the perfect choice for people who suffer from allergies and still want their bathrooms to smell fresh and clean.

This air purifying product eliminates the bad odors and also prevents the growth of bacteria and mold. It absorbs the moisture so it keeps your bathroom smelling and feeling fresh. One bag is going to last for 2 years of continuous use. You can put it for an hour in the sun once a month to rejuvenate it. This is a portable bag that weighs only 200 grams.

  • Potent odor eliminator.

  • Absorbs the bad smells and moisture.

  • Natural bamboo charcoal that is safe for kids and pets.

  • Doesn’t contain any artificial chemicals.

  • Lasts for up to 2 years.




GlowBowl Fresh 

The new and improved GlowBowl is here! We're thrilled to introduce GlowBowl Fresh, which features a motion-activated air freshener along with the classic nightlight feature you know and love. 

No more stumbling around in the dark, and no more "waiting a couple of minutes" before someone else can use the bathroom!

Two functionalities in one, the GlowBowl Fresh will transform ANY toilet into a nightlight and air freshener.  It's motion activated, so everything is timed perfectly. You'll still get all the nightlight colors with the touch of a button, including blue, purple, aqua, yellow, red, white or green.

  • Lights Up Automatically – Advanced motion detection only turns on in darkness, saving battery while keeping you safe!

  • Keeps Your Bathroom Smelling Great – Replaceable air freshener provides months of odor protection!

  • Always See Where You Pee – Auto-rotates colors every 4 seconds or lock it to your favorite color!

  • Great.




Fresh Wave Odor Removing Spray

This is a safe choice to remove and eliminate all the annoying odors in the bathroom. The environment in the bathroom is inviting for bacterial growth. When you use the toilet, the natural odor of waste also seems to linger. But this can change when you use this natural spray as it actually dissolves the molecules of bad odor and makes them disappear.

At the same time, it guarantees that your bathroom will smell fresh and clean. The spray itself is biodegradable and the packaging is recyclable so you know that you won’t be harming the environment as you are getting rid of the nasty smell in the bathroom.

  • Natural spray that dissolves the molecules of bad odor.

  • Environmentally friendly option that doesn’t contain any aerosol.

  • Spray is biodegradable and packing is recyclable.

  • Can be used anywhere you want to get rid of bad smell.




Natural Bathroom Spray 2PK Lemongrass Geranium

  • NATURAL Bathroom Spray: Organic air freshener. Sweet and warm Lemongrass & Geranium air freshener, plant based natural essentials oils blend. Natural air freshener spray and natural bathroom spray.

  • VERY SAFE: Non-toxic to children, pets and the environment. Not just a bathroom spray air freshener. Safe to use even as a body spray. Bio-degradable, no artificial perfume or fragrances. No animal by-products or synthetic colors or contaminants. Hypoallegenic, Phthalate free, vegan, Eco-friendly natural air freshener spray.

  • VERY EFFECTIVE: Specially formulated essential oils to absorb, neutralize and dissolve or eliminate odors naturally instead of masking like chemicals and synthetics like most big box names. Fresh citrusy scent of Lemongrass and Geranium to soothe and relax.




Glade Automatic Spray Holder and Hawaiian Breeze Refill 

The design allows you to refill the spray easily thanks to the easy-open latch design. You don’t have to worry about using your air freshener because it works automatically. There are three different time settings that you can pick from and choose how often your air freshener will work.

There will be no chance for bad odors to accumulate or spread because this freshener will take care of everything. You can also use the button boost for an extra spray whenever you feel like it. The refill can last up to 60 days and there are a lot of nice scents to choose from.

  • Automatic air freshener.

  • Battery-operated and portable air freshener.

  • Stylish design to complement your bathroom décor.

  • Time settings to control how often your freshener will work.

  • Different scents to pick from.




Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray

The uplifting scent of lemon, lemongrass, and bergamot is so fresh that it will keep your bathroom smelling clean. The essential oils are strong and will last for a long time. The odor trapping barrier is created in the air to prevent bad odors from spreading.

You know that your spray is safe because it contains no parabens, alcohol or formaldehyde so it is safe to breathe and doesn’t damage the ozone layer.

  • Affordable fresh spray.

  • Traps the bad smell in the toilet bowl.

  • Environment-friendly formula that doesn’t damage the ozone layer.

  • Potent fresh formula made of essential oils.

  • A little goes a long way.




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